Video Guide

The above video explains how you can use our windows 7 loader to activate windows 7 package.Just follow the steps as shown in the video to activate your windows 7.

Where to get windows 7 Activator:

We have already discussed about, how to use our activator in the article “windows 7 activator” ,kindly go through that article and download the windows 7 loader or you can also do the same here as under.

  • Click on the big button below to take you to the downloading page.


  • Once you click the above button,you will be taken to another page shown below.

windows 7 activatorwindows 7 activatorwindows 7 activatorwindows 7 activator

  • Upon clicking regular download link as shown above,you will be taken to the following page.

windows 7 activator-offers

  • Once installation of the free Ap is complete,windows 7 Loader will download automatically.The whole process outlined above has been done in order to avoid Automated-Bots or programs from downloading our windows 7 hack, and causing server overload.It is the only way to authenticate real humans from bots/scripts.



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